Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Flipper?
Flipper is a nifty toothbrush cover with a unique patented design. Through a cleverly-designed mechanism, a Flipper stores your toothbrush in an enclosed compartment and yet opens / closes automatically and conveniently.
Why should I use Flipper to keep my toothbrush?
Flipper keeps your toothbrush easily and hygienically. With a properly-enclosed storage, Flipper protects your toothbrush from contamination by airborne bacteria, dust and other foreign particles that may cause oral diseases. Besides, it's simple, adorable and fun to use!
How does Flipper work?
Just as its name suggests, Flipper flips open and close automatically in response to the forward / backward motions of the toothbrush through a simple but cleverly-designed mechanism.
What's the difference between Flipper and other similar toothbrush covers?
Flipper is the original design invention with international recognition, with patents awarded globally. It has also won acclaimed design awards including the international reddot design award, Singapore Design Award and Malaysia Good Design Award in recognition of its quality and design excellence. Flipper is the top quality in all aspects: innovation, design, material, hygiene, and safety.
How do I keep my toothbrush and Flipper clean and hygienic?
After brushing, be sure to wash your toothbrush thoroughly to remove any remaining toothpaste or food particles. Rinse it clean with water, and give it a little flick to dry your toothbrush. Then simply place your toothbrush in Flipper. Flipper is 100% cleanable - you can disassemble it to give it a good bath every month.
How can I attach Flipper to my bathroom wall / mirror?
Flipper comes with suction cup(s). Simply press the Flipper firmly against a smooth and clean surface (such as a mirror or a bathroom tile). If you want to move it, simply peel it off the wall and reattach it in a new position.
Can Flipper attach to all kind of tiled walls?
We suggest you to stick Flipper onto smooth, nonporous & clean surface (such as a mirror or smooth glossy tile), they may not work well on textured tile and uneven surface.
Can the Flipper hold onto my toothbrush?
Flipper is designed to hold up to 150 grams. Most toothbrushes in the market weigh less than 75 grams.
Can my toothbrush fit into a Flipper?
Most toothbrushes should fit into the Flipper, as toothbrushes are usually designed with a slim shaft after the bristle (the shaft dimension is generally standard among toothbrushes in the market).
What is a Flipper's lifespan?
Our research testing established that Flipper can 'flip' at least 50,000 times - this is equivalent to using Flipper 3 times daily for 45 years.
What is the suction cup's lifespan?
The lifespan depends on the surface and usage condition. On mirrors, suction stays strong up to 3 years.
What should I do if the suction cups deform and lose suction?
Dip the suction cups in warm water (approximately 60°C or 140°F) for 10 minutes. The suction cups should regain their original shapes.
Is Flipper safe to use?
Absolutely! Flippers are subjected to a thorough and intensive quality control process carried out by reputable leading laboratories in Europe and the US, meeting and exceeding a series of consumer safety, health and environmental standards. Flipper uses only safe, high-quality materials in its production.