My boy gets really excited about brushing his teeth now!

This is a great product and has helped get my son interested in his toothbrush as well as covering and protecting it from the bathroom germs. He immediately saw the tiger attached to the mirror and when it opened he was excited! We are still having issues with the actual brushing of the teeth but at least he does not run from the toothbrush anymore.

Teach Your Kids About Hygiene with the Flipper

I recently received the Hello Kitty Flipper and gave it to my six-year-old daughter to try out. She figured out immediately how to use is and is now very aware of not leaving her toothbrush out in the open. The Flipper opens when you gently pull the toothbrush handle and closes automatically when you put the toothbrush in.

Nifty Toothbrush Holder, Not Just for Kids

It'd be nifty for usage when traveling. Easily shuts when the brush is put into place, and easily opens with a gentle tug. Sticks to my mirror quite well (which is assuredly a good thing, as other suction cup items I've tried to use fell off in no time.)

Perfect for Traveling with Toothbrush

Love these toothbrush holders! They weren't always so cute, but these are perfect for adding to a gift or throwing in a child's stocking at Christmas. Both my husband and I use them when traveling because they keep our toothbrushes off the sink area. I prefer this to throwing my toothbrush in a cup. I stick the holder on the mirror and I've never left it behind because I always see it when I am re-packing. Definitely recommend for everyone to buy one of these!

Makes Brushing Teeth Fun

We got one for each of our girls (age 2 and 4) and they love them. They can easily tell which toothbrush is theirs and there's no searching for missing toothbrushes. Both of them can easily get the toothbrush in and out. And the suction cup holds the animal up despite some pulling. The only drawback is trying to clean the inside of it is a little difficult. Rinsing the toothbrush after using it isn't their forte, so 'gunk' drips down the handle to the bottom of the holder where it hardens into a ring on their toothbrush. Easy enough to rinse off, just a little pesky.

Creative Critters

Bought as Christmas presents for nieces. They're going to love them. Perfect for busy travellers and will use at home too. Easy to use and keep toothbrushes separate. Fun!

Adorable and Practical

I love this product. Its handfree to open and close. Good for travel and home, and it is cute as pie.